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Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.

BS 5837:2012 Tree Surveys for Planning Permission required by planning authorities. 

How we formulate a BS5837 Survey:

  • GPS map and plot every existing tree on site

  • Identify, measure & categorise every tree 

  • Provide shading arcs and root protection areas

  • Assess the amenity value and risks of every tree

  • Produce an 'Arboricultural Impact Assessment' (AIA) in-line with proposed construction layout designs

  • Devise an 'Arboricultural Method Statements' (AMS) providing recommendations for every tree on site, retain, remove, replant, root protection areas, beneficial tree work, BRE considerations...

The BS5837:2012 survey document we provide can be used at the planning, design & implementation stage of your project. Often it is a mandatory document required by your planning authority.

What's behind the Survey:


  • GPS Trimble technology with Specialist tree surveying software to map and record data.

  • Forestry Pro Laser and DBH measuring devices

  • VTA Visual Tree Inspection non invasive from ground

  • Drone for aerial images if required

  • Rope access tree climbing for detailed inspection if required

  • Years of practical arboricultural experience to BS3998 & BS5837

  • Established knowledge and education of the biology, mechanics and characteristics of tree species and their surroundings...​​

Why us?

Arbserv are accustomed to working with both commercial developers and self-build clients. We deliver a professional service working seamlessly with agents, architects, project managers & the planning authority.

The Brimmon Oak

Arbserv carried out the Survey for 'UK Tree of the Year 2017' which resulted in the Newtown By-Pass being re-routed around the root protection area to preserve the tree - A 500-year-old oak in Powys which also finished second in the European Tree of the Year awards.

It was a privilege for Arbserv to be involved and a great result for the land owner Mervyn Lloyd Jones, who's ancestors are pictured by the Brimmon Oak below. 

With the right planning upfront the natural environment can work with the built environment for all to enjoy.

Brimmon Oak Old.jpg
Photo provided by Mervyn Lloyd Jones, who owns the land
Brimmon Oak.jpeg
Photo by: Paul Williams
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