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Arboricultural Consultancy

Advice, Reviews & Audits on Tree related matters


  • Feasibility advice on tree related matters regarding your projects to avoid running into costly issues.

  • Advice on a programmes of work to enhance the trees on your property.

Independent Reviews & Valuations:

  • Issues or dispute regarding a tree - we can offer professional advice.

  • Amenity Tree Valuations - The Helliwell System is one of several methods of placing a monetary value on the visual amenity provided by individual trees and/or woodland. 


Audits & Inspections:

  • We provide independent auditing programmes for large scale utility & infrastructure vegetation management projects to ensure contract work is being carried out to the correct specification.

Tree Protection Order (TPO) Applications:

  • Establish if your trees are protected by TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) or (SAC) special areas of conservation - different procedures apply.

  • Evaluate the work you would like to carry out and provide expert guidance and advice.

  • Write up and submit a formal application with professional supporting evidence.

  • Answer any questions from the planning authority.

  • Advise you on the outcome, what work can be done, timing and restrictions if any have been applied. 

  • We can also carry out tree work providing a full turnkey solution, or simply advise on costs. 


Felling Licence Applications:

  • Advice on when your require and when you would be exempt from obtaining a felling licence. 

  • We are registered agents with the Forestry Commission and can make felling licence requests via the portal acting as your agent.   

Our team of experienced Lantra Professional Tree Inspectors with expert tree knowledge are at hand to guide you.

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