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Document & Manage the Risk of Trees to satisfy a 'duty of care' to yourself, the public & your property.

How we conduct a Tree Risk Assessment Survey:

  • GPS map and plot the trees

  • Tag id the required trees

  • Identify species, measure & categorise

  • Inspect each tree for hazards and defects

  • Document and score the risk of failure

  • Document and score the potential target should the tree fail

  • Compile a report including recommendations of work to mitigate risk

VTA Tree Plotted Map.JPG

What's behind the Survey:


  • GPS Trimble technology with Specialist tree surveying software to map and record data

  • Forestry Pro Laser and DBH measuring devices

  • VTA Visual Tree Inspection

  • Rope access tree climbing for detailed inspection if required

  • Years of practical arboricultural experience to BS3998 & BS5837

  • Established knowledge and education of the mechanics, biology and characteristics of tree species and fungus types

In some situations such as retaining valued or protected trees in decline, additional resources can be utilised:


  • PiCUS Sonic Tomograph for tree risk assessment to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees

  • Ultrasound mapping of tree roots

Tree Survey Action.jpg

Why us?

Arbserv are accustomed to working with a range of businesses and the public sector to report and mitigate tree risk on their property. Good relations have been established to inspect and manage our clients trees. 

Montgomery Waters - VTA

Spring Water Company, Montgomery Waters, appointed Arbserv to conduct a Visual Tree Assessment Survey required by their Insurance provider and for their own duty of care to their staff and the public.

The survey looked at trees by the building, car park, main road and staff picnic area. The majority of trees were healthy, required little or no work and added amenity value to the site. However, the survey crucially found dangerous trees adjacent to the car park which required immediate work due to compromised roots and large cavities. This clearly avoided an accident waiting to happen, which is exactly what the survey is designed to do. It demonstrates the value of such a survey and the due diligence of Montgomery Waters.

Montgomery Waters.JPG
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