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ROTO TREE GRAPPLE, box winch and mewp - the smart solution for demanding jobs

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Merlo Roto Box Winch 440_377.png

Box Winch

  • Compact box winch 4000kg max lifting capacity. 

  • Hook speed between 28 and 11 m/min.


  • Ideal for quick, easy multiple lifts such as trusses on a construction site.

  • Standard Pallet Forks also included in winch hire.

  • Includes A77 operator.

ROTO & MEWP 440_377.jpg


  • 4x4 Off Road 26m 360° for jobs most other platforms just won't access (300kg 2 person Capacity 1140mm wide cage).


  • Great ground clearance.


  • 4x4 traction with semi-agri tyres.


  • An ideal choice for uneven rough terrain.

  • Includes A77 operator.

CS SMART 750 440_377.jpg


  • Problematic tree fellings in urban and residential areas.

  • Maintenance work along traffic roads and routes.


  • Felling of dangerous trees.

  • Eliminates traditional time consuming rope 'rigging' and 'lowering' of trees and reduces risk.  

  • Includes A77 operator.

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