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Tree Management for Utilities, Developers, Land Managers, Estate Agents & Home Owners

Ash Die Back (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus)

Ash die back is becoming prevalent in the UK. According to Woodland Trust Ash dieback will kill up to 95% of ash trees across the UK changing our landscape forever.

Symptoms include:

  • Dark patches developing on leaves in late summer

  • Leaves discolour and wilt

  • Diamond-shaped Lesions 

  • Epicormic growth

  • Inner bark becomes brownish-grey under the lesions

Landowners - including local authorities should start to plan ahead and budget for any felling that may be required according to Dr Chris Jones, tree protection officer for NRW (Natural Resources Wales)

For honest guidance on tree risk management regarding Ash dieback or for works on infected trees contact Arbserv.

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Our Clients include

"We recently engaged Arbserv to carry out a tree report to request Council approval for works to be carried out on our trees protected by TPO's. We received a 5* service from the start. Can't recommend this Company enough, great job, great team" - Jo Baxter (Shrewsbury)



The Future of Dangerous Tree Removal is here:

  • Safe removal of trees in several parts.

  • Problematic tree felling in urban and residential areas.

  • Maintenance work along traffic roads and routes.


  • Felling of dangerous trees.

  • Eliminates traditional time consuming rope 'rigging' and 'lowering' of trees and reduces risk.  

Our specialist Merlo Roto machine with Westtec Woodcracker tree grapple head can work alone or together with our skilled teams of Arborist climbers to get the most challenging of dangerous trees removed. 


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